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ALS Issue 232
he came in like a wrecking ball...

ALS issue 232 is out now and available from the ALS shop and all good newsagents throughout the North East. Here's a little taste of what's on offer...

Sobsy Wobsy takes us through what's happened since the last time he did the exact same thing.

Kevin Phillips Interview
We spoke to Super Kevin Phillips, or at least tried to. We're really not worthy. No-one is.

Legends Day
Eve Sayers takes us through a remarkable day where she got to play for Sunderland! Mad.

A Quick Catch-Up with Michael Gray
In addition to the inspiring haircuts and notorious benders, Gray could really play football as well.

Francis Todd Malone refuses to buy newspapers which are printed in black and white. So basically all of them.

Books Glorious Books
We preview 2 fantastic books from acclaimed writers Michael Walker and our very own Sobs!

Frankie And The Foos
Frankie Francis signs for Sunderland, but will he get in the team ahead of Cabral?

Star Letter
This is a letter that Martyn liked so much he put it in his magazine. What a lovely man he is.

Trip's Pix
You may have noticed some really bad Photoshops on our Facebook, but these ones are from a professional. Much better.

We have lots of new swag in for Christmas! Chocolate, books, teddy bears!

Iain Hesford
We pay our respects to a club icon who sadly is no longer with us.

A Fine Bromance
Ben, that daft lad off Twitter, proves he can actually write something longer than 140 characters.

The Lake Poets
Martin Longstaff has the voice of an angel, but sadly his football team aren't very good.

What The Fanzines Say
Sam Lightle speaks to fans of other clubs, including Newcastle. Eugh.

Sunderland And Goalkeepers
We have had some truly cracking keepers over the years; here is a celebration of them.

All Hands On Deck At Dawn
Chris Weatherspoon makes his ALS debut in stunning fashion. Let's hope he doesn't do a McClean.

Wise Men Say
Gareth Barker combats his existential crisis by fantasizing about nights out with Connor Wickham.

The Art Of Drawing
Ben Fraser and the punny title strikes again. Typical Fraser.

A Defining Week
This is a tale about an article that didn't happen. An article within an article. Artiception.

Sitting On The SAFC Fence
Some players really do divide opinions. Here Josh Carr discusses the so called 'marmite players'.

Roker Report
Santiago Vergini is praised beyond logic by Michael Graham, his biggest fan!

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