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ALS Issue 230
the prolific mr. cattermole...

ALS issue 230 is out now and available from the ALS shop and all good newsagents throughout the North East. Here's a little taste of what's on offer...

We try and take you through all the summer's goings on and swiftly avoid an apology for all the mentions of relegation in the last issue.

Season preview with Gabbiadini
Sunderland legend Marco Gabbiadini tells us how he sees the season panning out as well as a few other little tidbits. Tidbits, I like that word.

When Cattermole scores...
Ben Fraser has a big picture of Lee Cattermole above his bed and put £100 on him being our top scorer this season.

The number eight
This number has great significance to us this season. Perhaps we should have put this as page 8? Sack the editor.... oh wait, that's me.

Everyone loves a hero
Sobs can be your hero baby, Sobs can take away your pain...

I left my heart in Roker Park
This fantastic play has been given an update to include last season's cup run. We caught up with Paul Dunn, the star of the show.

Holiday photos
An assortment of pictures of you lot getting messy on your holibobs wearing a Sunderland shirt. Mackems abroad, you're havin' a laff.

Adam Hay takes us through some of the new features on the upcoming FIFA game which Sunderland fans may enjoy, I heard the SOL is in the game this year!

The Fraser Files
Our in-house private investigator gives us the skinny on some of our new signings.

Francis Todd Malone is back and more pedantic than ever. Here he discusses all of our new signings  and which of the old lads he owes a pint to for keeping us up last term. Turns out it's quite a lot of them.

ALS & Wise Men Say: The Podcast Partnership
Ourselves and the WMS lads recently joined forces, the results were devastating. Gareth Barker tells us about this new friendship/acquaintance/annoyance.

Patrick van Aanholt
It's hard to track down Dutch journalists, they're always sat relaxing in a coffee shop somewhere, so we used our initiative and asked the fans about Paddy!

Mannone v Pantilimon
Who would win? Pants has the height advantage but Mannone has a strong chin, he also has his own chant.

Road Trip
You might not know this, but Sobs is actually from Bishop Auckland. He never mentions it. In every article.

Jordi Genes
Gomez is a very exciting player, and as Martin Tarbuck explains in this article, a very good looking player as well.

Portugal Tour Diary
We actually managed to organise a half decent pre-season tour this time around, and we sent Luke Brewerton along to chronicle it. In the end he ended up just drinking beer and sending us Snapchats.

Split opinions
We popped along to Split Festival this summer to ask some of the Sunderland bands what they thought of the upcoming season. The thing about musicians is, they nar nowt about footy. NOWT.

What the fanzines say
Sam Lightle gets in touch with other clubs' equivalents of ourselves and has a bit craic on. He's a nice lad Sam, but he has a stupid haircut. Like Paul Weller after a lobotomy.

I believe
With SAFC recently announcing a partnership with MLS side DC United, Charles Linehan explains the ties between Wearside and Washington (no, not that Washington man!)

Paradise Road
Stephen O'Donnell's book about a young Celtic fan and his relationship with football hits home in more ways than one. Here, we talk about how good it is and why YOU should read it.

Di Canio's signings: where are they now?
ALS youth player/writer/Twitter addict Keir Bradwell discusses which Di Canio signings succeeded, flopped or are still facing the jury. This took him quite a while. So. Many. Signings.

Wise Men Say column
Wise men say, only fools make podcasts, but I can't help, falling in love with Craig Clark.

Man City Boys
We spoke to a Man City fan about two of our new recruits; Costel Pantilimon and Jack Rodwell.

Roker Report column
Michael Graham discusses falling in love with individual players in an age of diminished loyalty in football. Sounds to me like he's had his heart broken. I'm looking at you Scocco!

Julio at Hylton Road
Julio Arca has signed for The Willow Pond FC. We spoke to both him and the club secretary to find out exactly how this happened!

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