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ALS Issue 238
watmore: home alone...

ALS issue 238 is out now and available from the ALS shop and all good newsagents throughout the North East. Here's a little taste of what's on offer...

It's that time of year again when there is lots of football and loads of eating. Let's hope we don't get fat, but bring home the points

What More From Watmore?
We get the gen on Duncan Watmore, from the man on the inside, his old man

2015: The Year That Was
A blow by blow account of the last twelve months by Stephen Linsley. It's not pretty, but you know that cos you lived it

Francis Todd Malone got several bottles of whiskey for Xmas and drank quite a lot of them before he wrote this

Mackem in Manhattan
Andrew Robson shares his experiences of following Sunderland from exile in the United States.

In the 70s there was a chant that went "SA, SAF, SAFC, OK." This article has nothing to do with that

Why Don't Cambodians Play Soccer?
Perhaps because an area the size of a football pitch contains on average 3.5 anti-personnel mines and 33 pieces of other unexploded ordnance

Mid Term Report
In the latest summer transfer saga, Sunderland brought in eight new players. Eight new players that seem to have failed to change the fortunes of the club once more, but here’s a mid-term report for each individual

Whatever Happened To Blair Adams
As well as being a professional footballer, Adams is also doing a journalism degree - who said all footballers were thick!?

Frank Styles: Spraycan Artist
You may not have heard of Frank Styles, but if you wander around Sunderland you cannot have failed have seen his street art. If you don't believe me, check out the wall outside ALS. We caught up with Frank over a pint and a packet of posh crisps...

ALS Merchandise
Stuff that we sell at our shop opposite the stadium that you can also buy on line
My Five Top Games Of 2015
Picking five of our best games for 2015 is a lot harder than it sounds. How do you pick the best game of a calendar year when you’ve only won seven league games?

Terrible Transfers
Don't read this if you are depressed or got bad Xmas gifts

No Footy At Easter!
There used to be loads of matches at Easter. This year there are none

Sunderland Prem XI
We made up a team of players who have made the most appearances in a Sunderland shirt in the Premier League in their respective positions

Six of the Best
Great Goals from 2015, by Murphy. To be fair it was hard to find that many

Between The Posts
We've had some really decent keepers since we sold Iain Hesford. Phil Smith digs deep

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Footy Fan
Sobs got his calculator and Ordnance Survey Map out for this one like

Famous on the Fulwell
Horrible Histories have been successful worldwide in book form, on TV and in stage shows. It turns out that the author, Terry Deary, is from Sunderland and loves the lads. We met him up on Penshaw Monument

Jordan Pickford: Our New Number One?
Time for the young Jordan to take over? We'll see...

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