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ALS Issue 234
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ALS issue 234 is out now and available from the ALS shop and all good newsagents throughout the North East. Here's a little taste of what's on offer...

The Gus statue got pulled off, and Dick was erected. First dick joke of the magazine. Get in.

I Want Dirty Knees Too
The first instalment of our 'My Favourite Derby' series, featuring the mad Italian.

Richardson Bursts The Net
Over the wall/through the wall. I didn't quite see it, it moved so fast. another My Favourite Derby

All About Dick
Wayne Farry's satirical account of our new gaffer.

Meet The Temp
Here's a REAL profile for the new manager man, chill out.

The Search For Sunderland's Identity
Michael Graham of The Roker Report dissects this 'identity' discussion.

Pat Nevin Interview
Pat Nevin, top footballer, top pundit, top DJ, top fella. Random, but very, very cool.

Sunderland – Where did it all go wrong?
Ben Fraser turns Columbo again. Loves a case this lad. A glasses case.

Fighting The Law Of Averages
Eve Sayers fought the law and the law won. I remember winning.

Going To The Match
ALS debutant Tom Atkinson describes in intimate detail what he misses most about going to watch Sunderland.

Life In The Championship
Josh Carr gives a teaser of what life would be like should we return to the lower leagues. Eugh.

League Cup: Penalty Shoot-out
Yes, that one. Going back a bit like, but then how many do we actually win?

Four In A Row
An interesting account of the most recent derby victory, live from the front room.

Black Cats' Stories
A recent project to gather stories from the people of Wearside, canny!

Roker Park Centre Spread
A beautiful interpretation of Roker Park, in the best spot in the magazine!

We've got these cool new slate coasters with pro-Sunderland propaganda printed on them.

2-1 In The Rain.
That's all that needs to be said, 2-1 in the rain. What a game.

0-3 Again!
Winning 0-3 in two consecutive seasons though, absolutely joyous.

The Man Who Wasn't There
Ben Kirwan delivers his consistently accurate post-mortem of Poyet's reign at Sunderland.

Men United
You may have seen the advert for prostate cancer awareness, great cause. Read about it here.

The Month Ahead
Sam Lightle previews our next few fixtures with fans of the respective teams. Get it?

Long Distance Love Affair
The SAFC North American Supporters Association. NASA for short. The best NASA.

Patty And Sobs
A tale of years gone by as Sobs recalls another one of his random memories. Daft lad.

Sorenson Saves It
I loved Sorenson, and he engineered his long-lasting reputation with feats like this.

Somehow I Manage
Wise Men Say and their synopsis of life at Sunderland since Murray left.

The Super Swede
David Drewett lives up to his own impossible standards yet again. The lad likes Seb.

Dear ALS
We accept letters all the time. Send us your letter to

92 Clubs, 92 Hours
An impossible task? All in the name of charity, these lads try to visit 92 football clubs in 92 hours!

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