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ALS Issue 235
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ALS issue 235 is out now and available from the ALS shop and all good newsagents throughout the North East. Here's a little taste of what's on offer...

For the benefit of those living under a rock, Sobs provides a full summary of what has happened between now and our previous magazine.

Someone Else's Derby
Is the North East derby truly the best one? How about an account of it from someone who supports neither side?

Tainted Love
Tom Atkinson tells a tale of marriage, heartbreak and Yannick Bolasie.

Think Yourself Lucky
Roker Report's Michael Graham admits that while relegation would be awful, he does not fear it.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
The SAFC Ladies team really are impressive, not sure why we don't show more interest!

Argentina Groundhop
John Bevan gives an interesting log of his time spent visiting football grounds in Argentina, the crime, corruption and shadiness surrounding them. Great read.

That's Life
Any Sinatra fans? Here's one for you. Why do we always follow up a great win with an embarrassing defeat?

A Leaky Defence Is A Major Offence
Have we had a consistently steady centre back at Sunderland since the 90s? I'm not so sure.

Groundhog Day
Then put your little hand in mine. There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb.

Sunderland Deaf AFC
Deaf Football is fascinating to watch, I have no idea how they do it.

The Italian Job
A quiet little town in Italy where the residents all share something in common; they support SAFC! Strange but wonderful.

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Bigmouth strikes again as Ben Kirwan feeds his Morrissey Hunger by relating his lyrics to SAFC.

Francis Todd Malone makes a triumphant return after visiting India to 'find himself'.

Home v Away
Derek Thomas turns a schoolyard game into a very engaging piece of writing.

The Month Ahead
Are others team's fans as sick of their football team as we are? Probably not.

Derby Dust-offs
Is the North East derby really the best derby match? Tosh Hayes looks at other, lesser-known derbies.

Stateside Alliance
SAFC are in partnership with MLS side DC United. Sunderland fan and Channel 4 journalist Harry Horton paid them a visit.

Taming the Romanian Giant
At 6”8 Costel Pantilimon cannot fit through the front door of The Cooper Rose, which let's be honest is probably a good thing.

Television Drug Of The Nation
From Morrissey to old school hip hop, Sobs takes a pop at Sky and the notorious new TV deal.

Would Relegation Be So Bad?
We end the issue on perhaps a comforting note if relegation does indeed present itself this time around.

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