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Updated: May 24, 2021

The dismay and heartbreak have sunk in today, deeper than ever before. Yesterday felt like the ill-fated journey of the Titanic, a joyous embarkment in the first 45 minutes before the Tom Hopper goal on 56 minutes felt as huge as the iceberg that crippled that ship.

Having said that there were plus points for the fans, not on the pitch I may add. This isn’t the reason I’ve found myself in front of my keyboard.

I, like the rest of the 9,999 fans woke up yesterday with that buzz again. I was off to the match again with my 15-year-old sidekick.

We chatted over breakfast about how much we’d missed the overall experience that is matchday. Like many of you we attempted to second guess the team news, formation etc... it encouraged great debate and a difference in opinions as usual.

We headed off to the SOL at around 12-15, a journey that takes around 25 mins or so. The team selection debate still ongoing, but we’re getting closer to agreeing on the line up. As we reached our destination, we joined up with our regular drinkers for the usual pre match drinks. We’d missed our football family. We were back. I’m not going to really touch on the game as it is history and already well documented by the time I’ve finished writing this. The thrill, excitement and pure adrenaline fuelled celebration of scoring a goal is the reason we go to the match. Not once, but twice yesterday the two of us experienced that rush. The hugging, screaming and delirium seeing your team score cannot be matched. It’s unrivalled. After a pretty shitty 14 months in the wilderness, I was back with my football family and with my best mate in the world. Father and son time is priceless, so short, football plays a bit part in our lives.

Yesterday I was reminded of why we renew our season tickets year after year despite the heartache that it brings. That feeling when Stewart and Wyke’s goals hit the back of the net still brings the goosebumps out. My son jumping all over me, bursting my eardrums with his screams of joy is unparalleled.

We’re back.

See you all next season and keep the faith. In KLD I trust…

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