Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face.” On May 26th 2019 as Flanagan lunged to deflect Patrick Bauer’s goal bound effort into his own net our leadership received their very own Iron Mike moment.

Since that fateful day the strategy and footballing philosophy of the club during SD’s tenure have been somewhat less than laser focused. In fact the batteries are leaking and the laser is currently rotting down the back of the sofa next to copper coins, peanuts and other pocket related memorabilia. An unmitigated disaster would be the most appropriate description since that fateful play-off defeat. Not only the lacklustre performances on the pitch but most importantly the relationship with the majority of supporters whose almost permanent toxic mind set aimed at the current incumbents seems fairly well justified. Some of the actions taken make about as much sense as John Lennon sending his current GPS co-ordinates to Mark Chapman. Mr Donald this is not Vietnam, your actions have consequences.

Similar to a toddler refusing to go to bed the current incumbent continues to cling to some semblance of power and influence with the intention to remain ensconced within the corridors of power. This despite performing as ineptly as a one-legged man in an arse kicking competition over the previous twelve months residence. Some might say (and Oasis did) Donald Trump and Stewart Donald have more in common than that initial first glance in the summer of 2018. When a jolly well intentioned Southerner appeared on the scene having struck deal of the century with Ellis Short to write off his losses…

The much-vaunted takeover, which seems to have been going since the Sykes lads were delivering my pop, appears to be gaining some clarity. The Guardian has named a young French billionaire as one of the money men backing the takeover alongside current shareholder Juan Satori with SD and CM are retaining a shareholding, 15% and 5% respectively. This appears to have been predicted by absolutely no-one other than Alan Nixon who hinted at this on twitter back in August. The thought of SD and CM profiting from their time at the club is about as palatable as drinking bin juice however any reduction in their ability to impact the resurrection of the club should be welcomed.

Well after thousands of pages of vitriol and in fighting on the message board the reception of the news has been “mixed” should we say. There appears to be two sides to the mass debate:

“Crap deal and not more penny will be invested should SD / CM retain any stake.”

“Brilliant deal and we have real money coming on board with SD / CM influence now negligible.”

As with all these things my suspicion is the truth lies somewhere in the middle “Better than we have and although not perfect, enables further change within the club” or something like that. The emotional outpouring online from some fans that continue dancing around the edge of a lake of bitterness both astounds and worries me. My concern being the mental health of all of these people that seem so incensed by the slightest triviality and rush to spew forth their bile from the keyboard at the slightest disagreement. We used to have a local village idiot but due to the internet they have now taken their skills globally.

All of this during a worldwide pandemic it wouldn’t surprise me if Mel Gibson rocked up in tattered leathers firing a shotgun in his hunt the most precious commodity of liquid gold – oil obviously and not the poppers brand so popular in night clubs during the 90s.

SD if you are reading this, history tells us that those that cling to power way past they have overstayed their welcome rarely ride off into the sunset with a grin, a girl and a pocket full of cash. Your attitude towards the fans is galling and naive at best and although as a practicing coward myself I fully understand your position. As much as SD has damaged my club, I wish him no harm befalls him or any of his family and just really want him to waddle off into the sunset.

The takeover is by no means a slam dunk so let’s all hope the effervescence of youth prevails over the pungent aroma of greed. Vie à la France!