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With Saturday soon approaching, Mowbray has given his weekly injury update as well as his opinion on Watford.


"We're not expecting anybody back but no one is out either, so I don't think it will be too far away from the choices we had at West Brom," (Ballard) That one has probably backtracked a little bit, if I'm honest. He hasn't been able to train this week, he had been jogging and feeling a lot better and we thought he might be able to get on the grass, but that hasn't been the case."


"I don't know the answer beyond the two games, to be honest. My mentality at the moment is that he's not available for this one. He'd have train for two or three days having been out for a few weeks if he was to give himself a chance for the last one, and my hope is that we keep a clean sheet and defend really well for this one and then even if he's fit, I have a decision to make about whether we'd even want to change it."


"We'll just take it day by day with Dan, we've had times where it's felt alright and it's felt as if he can push on, and then days where its a bit sore. It's a daily thing at the moment. It's not a long-term thing, and if we were to extend the season by a couple of games then there's every chance he'd be able to play a part. Training has been very normal, we're just preparing to face what I would suggest is a very dangerous Watford team, one that has real quality at the top end of the pitch."


"They have a lot attacking players who are experienced, talented, quick and carry a big threat. For whatever reason they've obviously had issues this season but what I do know is that when I look at the individual talent they have, it's a game that we have to really focus on. If they bring their best game, they can cause anyone in this division problems and we have to be very mindful of that."

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