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After three consecutive defeats, Lee Johnson admitted that our chances of automatic promotion are all but over, so is turning his attention to securing a play-off spot…


"It looks now that it is going to be extremely difficult to get into that top two, which is very disappointing after putting so much effort into getting there. Now we have to secure that second chance, but keep going and building performances because you never know it [automatic promotion] might still happen because there are still 15 points to play for. We've lost three games on the spin, two of those - against Charlton at home and then today - I didn't think we deserved to lose, but it's happened. There's not a lot we can do about that. There have been three losses, but two of those have been decent performances and the other [at Wigan] was a really bad one. We had to react to that bad performance today and we did. I didn't feel like today curtailed momentum in terms of performance. I'm disappointed not to have won the game, make no mistake about that, I think we performed well but you have to do that and win, we know that."


"I thought we played well, if I'm honest. They started better and in the first ten minutes they put us on the back foot, but we took over, took control and played some nice football. We got into some really great areas but then let them off the hook too many times. The lads tried to encourage each other, they tried to play, and we were dominant statistically all over the pitch. But it comes down to small margins. McGeady comes inside, hits it, it hits the inside of the post but doesn't go in - a quarter of an inch to the left and it's in - then they break, we give the ball away, deflection, goal. At that point you are looking to the skies and thinking 'what have I done [to deserve that]'. After they had scored, there were a couple of goalmouth melees that they defended really well, and you have to give them credit for putting their bodies on the line."


"The officials … they were consistent today, that's the most positive thing I can say, but sadly for both teams they weren't consistent in the correct way. Sometimes you shake your head and give a wry smile because it's comical at times. Callum could have gone, probably. We thought he wouldn't get booked for the first challenge but would for the second, but the referee set his stall out so early. We knew that if he nicked somebody's ankles then he would be off, so we had to do something."

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