Despite interest from Cardiff City, Lee Johnson remains confident that he can hang onto Dion Sanderson for the rest of the season.

"As far as I'm aware, Dion is happy, Wolves are happy and we're happy," Johnson said. "I think while you've got three happy parties, everybody has bought into Dion's development in the right way. He's done well and he's got a lot of potential. He's part of our squad and ready to go whenever we need him."

Sanderson added: "I'm playing now and getting experience which is what I need - to get as much experience as I can," he said. "Hopefully I can achieve my goal of playing in the Premier League for my home club.”

In terms of the overall transfer picture LJ said: "We're in the mix. These things can seem a long way off but the landscape quickly changes and all of a sudden someone is on their way for a medical. There are players who are aware of our interest, there's agents and clubs aware of our interest. Whether or not we can get them over the line is probably out of my hands, I'd say I'm more talent ID in the process here, than anything else. It's important that we bring the right personalities in, as well as the right footballing attributes, because we're trying to build a culture here as well as a winning football team. The loan market is an important one, particular in that U21 sector because it's not counted towards the salary cap. You compete with clubs for the best U21s because you know that any wriggle room you have in the salary cap has to go on over 21s, but those players have also got to be fit because it's not good bringing them in and having to get them up to speed over a long period."