Here we go again; it is all unravelling at SoL. After nine games and no win, fans have called for Parkinson's head in both individual and supporter group campaigns over last few weeks. Trust in owner has been lost and supporter groups have called for Stewart Donald to sell up.

On Sunday we played well and won at Doncaster. Actually, a couple of wins will make the league table look much more promising. Second half of season winning runs put pressure on leaders, though it’s unlikely we could still sneak promotion. Remember the arrival from Wigan of Joe Hinnigan and the winning run that won promotion in 1980?

Last night the owner stated he doesn't want to outstay his welcome, a point he made when he bought club, and has stated he is now to sell the club. Uncertainty yet again at SoL which is never good. Will transfer funds be available and will a buyer be found?

What about the recent £9m loan from the Americans? As I understand it, when Donald took over SAFC he paid £40m but only £5m from him and Methven, the balance was paid from parachute payments. Just like Glazer's and Man U, he bought club with club's money.

I never trusted Donald, but some fans idolized him, he did forums, consulted with fans groups and was very open, too open for me.

Methven has left club, now Donald has been turned on by fans. I have thought for a while that SAFC fans are part of the problem. Home and away they support the club in vast numbers, it is their life for quite a few fans.

The problem is the expectation of fans is unrealistic. If the team are doing well fans are happy but once results deteriorate fans quickly turn on players, team, manager and owner. That becomes the issue, fans attitude transfers to performances on pitch and decline kicks in.

If performances improve then fans quickly become very supportive again and those great escapes of recent seasons happen. Of course, that cannot be maintained and decline returns. It is repetitive season after season.

I know, I was a regular in the 70s and 80s and again from 1998 to 2016. After a retirement in 2012 I joined the away game trail but for a number of reasons I gave up my SC at the end of 15/16 season.

For me the war is over but which way will it go now? One thing is certain, following Sunderland is never dull, good or bad the circus goes on and on.