Lee Johnson wasn’t too despondent with the draw at Peterborough, despite setting his side out to win the game…


"I wouldn't have taken a point beforehand and I think you can see that in our attitude towards the selection and our substitutions. We didn't play like we were going for the draw, we weren't timid, we played with two strikers. The intent was there, we just couldn't find that moment of brilliance to get the first goal. I'm not negative at all, there's a lot of positives for us.


The strength of our bench was excellent today. That causes you problems but they're good problems. That's why I've always said I think the big clubs will come through towards the end because you have the capacity to change the game, and that's the players, not me. There's loads of positives. Denver Hume back on the pitch, Ross Stewart making his first start, Charlie Wyke put in a good performance, a fantastic goal from Aiden McGeady, the unbeaten run extended. We'll keep everyone upbeat but of course, you're asking me and I want to win, and so there will always be that small part of me that says, no, I'm not happy with a draw.”


“Hume's really dynamic and bold, particularly when you play that wing-back system the opposition have to try and find a way to contain him. I really like him as a lad and a player. I think there's work we can do with him in a positive sense, to keep improving him and bumping up his value to the team. I'm delighted to have him back."


"I still feel there's the potential there for someone to go on a run. I was in a Watford squad where were doing in 14th with ten games to go. We won ten on a spin and ended up getting promoted through the Wembley final. I just think the focus for us remains on the next training session, the next game. We've got some really tough games moving into the last eight and so we've got to take it game by game, and try and win it all."