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Youth coach Graeme Murty has outlined Sunderland's bespoke development plan for 15-year-old Chris Rigg, as the club attempts to persuade him to stay amid Premier League interest.


"He's been training with the first team in the last week building-up to the FA Cup game. He's been in with us, he's been in with our squad. As it sits for the moment he's in our squad training with us. But his is an individual case, and as with all the players we're here to serve the first team. If they want to take him, we accommodate around that."


"He's an exciting young man. It was a hard game today which won't be hurtful in the long run. We need to give him more exposure to better players and faster football which will aid his development because there's no doubt he's a talent. Chris is all-action. Even there, as a 15-year-old, you saw him trying to take a bit of responsibility and organise people around the game."


"It's more about increasing his understanding of himself, his game and the game as a whole. We don't want him just to understand how we would like him to influence the game, but he's an international now so it's understanding how international teams play."


"It's understanding how to impact the game both with and without the ball, so then making sure we keep a real keen eye on his development and make sure there are no areas missed. There are times, for example, when he scans better away from the ball. As you move up a level that becomes imperative because you get less time on the ball so you need to know your options earlier."


"We sit down, go through a debrief for him and work from a bespoke programme to make sure hopefully all his development needs are met."


"We're very serious with all our young people that they maintain their education to a high standard. So we'll make sure for all of our players they get the requisite tutors and we make sure they don't fall behind."

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