So, we arrived in Doncaster, uncertain at best as to what the day would bring. Fear not, the boys turned up and deservedly won. The support was first class and all of those who played had a good game and thus we could drive home with a better spring in our step and at least enjoy a victory for the first time in a while.

But just as our thoughts move to who we might be able to attract in the window, the owner releases a statement that he has decided to sell. Comedy is all about timing they say, even if he’s been trying to sell for almost a year…

Announcement on the back of a win, fortunate you might think, but 36 hours before the window opens…

This creates a plethora of rumours; will we have no cash for purchases? When we are told the manager will be backed but then the owner changes plans. Why would he invest money in an asset he wishes to sell? Will the investors now step in and claim on their secured loan option? Clubs will move for some of our better players and play their hand knowing we will take a deal.

My view is simply this, unless there is a master plan behind the scenes, the timing could not be worse. One month would have made little or no difference.

If it was not so serious, I can imagine Baldrick from Blackadder has just walked into the board room and “I have a cunning plan.”

Let’s take over a football and pretend we can run it and then run out of hyperbole, money and then backbone.

From my Vantage Point