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With the season coming it's closing stages, Mowbray has given is thoughts on the future of Joe Gelhardt...


"I would assume that young Gelhardt would want to go back to his parent club, wherever they're going, and play games, get a feel - the kid doesn't even know what league they're going to be in at this moment, when you look at the bottom of the Premier League. We all like him."


"For next year, that's Leeds' call and the player's call, but I've enjoyed working with him because as we all see, there have been days when it hasn't gone to plan for him, but he's still worked and chased and fought and you can never knock a player who does that for you."


"As I see the daffodils coming in my garden, I see Joffy loving his football again, thinking he's going to score goals. It's almost a shame the season only has a couple of games to go. Whether he's playing amazingly well or not so well, he works his socks off for the team. He runs and chases and fights and puts his body in. What an attribute to have, somebody who is a grafter."

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