Conor McLaughlin will need an op to sort out his hernia problem and will be missing until late February. "Conor is potentially going to be out now for a while because he needs a hernia operation, and has done for a while," said Johnson. "He can't sprint at the moment as a result. He's another one that has shown top character to put in the performances that he has while in pain. I've had a hernia myself and sometimes it does get a bit too much and you just can't sprint like you used to be able to. Right-back is one of the least concerns for me because of the players we have got who can play there.”

Danny Graham is also struggling with a knee niggle. LJ said: "Danny missed out in the week due to injury. It was a strange one - it came from nowhere. He has a bit of a niggle on the outside of his right knee, and we have a decision to make now over whether to have it scanned or not. Danny didn't feel it was too bad so we didn't think it was worth a scan, but at the same time now we probably need to look into it a bit further."