Lee Johnson met the press ahead of the visit of Shrewsbury Town, here’s the bones of what he had to say:


“As you were, still positive and pending. Nothing I have heard or any conversations would say it won’t happen, I truly believe it will happen. It has been interesting to watch other clubs, the Wigan one fall away and the rumours around the Derby one. I think we are very strong in terms of what we are trying to do. If we get the new ownership, it takes the course on a different path. Internally we are still driving to do everything we can on a short term and long-term basis.”


"I think Jordan Willis will be available. It's patellar tendonitis and anyone who has had that will know that it does react differently every day. He trained today and was fine. But you just don't know, he could wake up tomorrow and it be 1/10 pain, or it could be 8/10. Danny Graham is alright. He trained today which is a good recovery time because it had looked like a bit of a nasty fall. Dan Neil there isn't really much of an update on. He's still got swelling around the ankle and it's not a long term one, but we do need to get the swelling down before he can start to move a little bit freely."


"I've just had an hour with Luke O'Nien and it's really interesting with the conversation of culture as well. I really like Luke and he's the busiest man in living history which I love. He's got an infectious personality as well and is a great character. At the moment, I asked him to tell me his top three positions in that he'd have the highest ceiling in i.e., to go and play in the Premier League. He didn't know - he didn't have a clue. It was an eight a ten and a two then maybe left-sided centre half but he could do a job at left-back as well. One of the things we've got to get to grips with Luke, is what's his best position for this football club, in my game style for the football that I want? He's such a good lad he does so much extra work as well that it enables us to plan that extra work properly. If you gave him a task he's like a dog with a bone. He won't come back until he's the best in the world at it. That's his mentality but obviously he's been used in a lot of different positions.