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Lee Johnson spoke to the press to preview tomorrow's game against Ipswich Town, who have recently appointed a new manager...


“It can be harder to prepare to face a team in a changeover period as Ipswich are at the moment."


“The best judgement for the future is often the past, which is why we do so much analysis, so what we’ll have to focus on is the individual players’ strengths and weaknesses, rather than so much the team unity part."


“I’ve mentioned to the players that Ipswich are billing it as a big game – their capacity is around 28,000 which they’ve been looking to sell out. Our players are used to big games, but away from home it’s a different dynamic. We want to maximise this key festive period.”

We certainly don’t want to be complacent, but our form is good and training this week has been intense. It’s all about winning and being aggressive to keep the ball out of our net."


“I was really pleased with our defensive structure when we played Ipswich at home recently – we have been more fluid on the ball lately than we were in that particular game, but the result was so important in the end."


“Ipswich have some really good players – as I called them, the ‘galacticos’ of the division. They’ve traded well and brought some players back into League One from heavy Championship experience.”

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