Lee Johnson was disappointed with the 2-2 draw against MK Dons, but was even more upset with the terrible referee…

“Both sides can feel a little aggrieved with the refereeing, if I'm honest. Luke O'Nien could have gone for a second yellow, if we're honest, though he would have been unlucky. We 100% should have had a penalty in the second half for a handball, the arm was in an unnatural position and the rules clearly say it's a penalty. The second goal was 100% offside as well, that's a clear mistake. Some of the officiating beggared belief, to be honest. I'm not usually one to talk about officials and I'm certainly not making that as an excuse, because I thought it was for both teams. I don't feel like I need to make an excuse really because we played well and created chances.


"I liked a lot of our performance, but I didn't like a fifteen-minute spell in the first half. It wasn't just the goals, it's easy to say when you concede two. It was our sloppiness, our lack of urgency, it was like we scored the goal and thought we'd sit it out. We didn't squeeze up enough, in or out of possession, we didn't communicate well enough. At half time I was pretty aggressive in telling them that because if we play like we did for the rest of the game for 96 minutes, teams will not live with us. We've been unfortunate today, a really poor set of officials and some wayward finishing, and good goalkeeping as well.”


"It was a tough gig for us, with the pitch and the mileage coming back here it, but it's something we had to deal with. We did that in the second half, and I think we were the better side for 75% of the game. This is not an easy place to come, on this pitch, and they've improved themselves in January as we did. We're scoring goals, which is good. It's a difficult league but it's one where we know we can go on a run, and if we can make the one after a draw a win then it becomes a good one. We haven't done that [today]. We have drawn too many, both in my tenure and previously, and we know that's something that we've got to snuff out. There's still a lot of points to play for."