Lee Johnson wasn’t too despondent following our 1-1 draw with Lincoln City…


“We've probably just shaded it in terms of possession and dangerous attacks, but at the same time they've got real threats on the counter. They've got youth, they've got brightness and they're a difficult side to play against because of that. They stretch you. We don't like losing leads and that is disappointing. We don't make many mistakes and it's one mistake that's led to the goal, one mistake in seven or eight games really. I'm not going to be too critical, that's for sure. They've put in a massive shift over the last few weeks and today, it's human nature to look at other results, but it's nothing lost and nothing gained.”


“I think Lee’s been excellent. Since that Shrewsbury game, when we felt it was the right time to leave him out, he came back in very quickly, and since then I think he’s been top drawer. As a goalkeeper, it’s really important that your defence trusts you, and I think at the moment, the communication is good and they trust him to make the big saves. Today, he’s had to make a couple of very good ones.”


"You could hear me on the sideline in the last fifteen or 20 minutes, we didn't quite have that zip about us. That's because they stretch you, it's draining when you mark pace. They've done well with their loans and it's difficult to play against. Generally we dealt with most of their threats but in the last 20 where we needed to up, we didn't stay as disciplined maybe as we have been. That's credit to them, and maybe a little bit down to fatigue.”


"The lads have a couple of days off now then on Tuesday we're going to arrange a behind closed doors game as there are a couple who need minutes topping up. Then it's about the final sprint, really. It's not a massive rest but it's something, and in training we can actually work, rather than just recover. We’re just thinking about cracking on with the next performance. What do we need to do? What were the strong points in our performance today, and what are the bits we need to work on? The good thing is we have got that week now to work on things. We’ll go to Bristol Rovers fully prepared, and hope to put in another energetic, bright, busy performance.”