Lee Johnson met the press following his side’s 2-0 victory against Fleetwood Town. Our third successive league win sees us rise to fifth place in League One. Here's his craic..


“Kyril coming in and setting out his plans verbally, and the actions on the back of that, leads us in a direction. That messaging has to come from the top and then we become disciples of that message. The philosophy stays the same because that's what we believe in and that's why I was recruited. It's my job to flatten the waves and make sure there's a consistency of performance.”


“In the second half we were much better. I think Fleetwood started the first half better. But just looking at the stats there, an opponent who are a good side have had zero shots on goal and that shows the control we had in the game. At times in the first half I wanted us to play forward quicker, we didn’t look like we had that zip to our game that we had at Burton – it’s understandable sometimes with the amount of games and therefore you have to win games in a number of different ways.”


“A lot of things pleased me: a set-piece goal, a clean sheet – you have to get 19 or 20 of those if you want to win promotion and we can’t be too many away from that now – and a plus-two goal winning margin, which is important. The most pleasing part of the second half though is that we were able to up it five or ten percent. Sometimes that’s me just demanding a little bit more, sometimes it is them demanding a bit more of each other. It wasn’t glamorous but it was very, very, professional and solid.”


“We had to work on a plan A and a plan B today because we knew that our shape and their shape doesn't always match. I thought about changing it in the first 20 minutes to be honest but then we started getting quite a bit of control, [Aiden] McGeady was starting to get at people. But we wore them down and I think that the beauty of having [Lynden] Gooch and [Luke] O'Nien is their flexibility is a real positive for us moving forward.”


“We've worked hard, he's worked hard. He's a good player and if he makes a mistake he can bounce back, he negotiated having a yellow card extremely well and was very calm and composed on the ball. I think aerially he was dominant today and that's not something you would necessarily say is his strong point so those improvements in his performance are really nice to see.”