Despite the fact that his team came back from two down to earn a draw, Lee Johnson was scathing about his side’s performance against Crewe. he also gave an injury update on Grant Leaditter.


"It's a wonderful point won by two bits of individual brilliance. Both of those goals you'd expect to be in the top ten goals of the season. We needed it because in the first half, it was tough to watch. I can't give you an answer why, whether it's the number of games back to back, maybe I've got to look at myself and say, was this the one to make five or six changes? What upset me most in the first half was the lack of enthusiasm. Where does that come from? The team energy, the attitude to receive the ball, the body language, the communication and the interplay that we just didn't have.


"At our best we're like the red arrows flying across Wyke but there was none of that. We were outfought in the first half. It was a hard half-time team talk. I was going to make five substitutes at half time but I wanted to see what we had, and to be fair we got going a little bit. We made changes, it is a squad game and there were a couple who had a point to prove and fair play, they did. I can't wait to see those goals again on video. What was really positive is that when we had to go for it, we did. I know that's easy when you've had the punch on the nose, but we were brave and got bodies around Wyke. I'm really happy deep down to come out with a point after such a poor first hour."


"You have to be consistent with it. We've got to find out why. If it's technical , you work with the players, no problem. If it's tactical, then it's my fault. If it's an attitude [problem], then I'll be coming down on them like a tonne of bricks. Every individual action we'll look at. We'll speak to them, see if they're alright, ask why, and put some serious demands on them for the next game."


"It (shoulder) did pop out. It has since been put back in place, but what that means for him I'm not sure, to be honest. He's had a shoulder problem since [we played] Ipswich, when he took a bit of a clattering. He'll certainly be a big loss if he's out for a while. We'll have to find out what the repercussions of the injury are for the next game, two games and 10 games. We'll see if there's anything we can do to help rectify him."