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Lee Johnson has spoken about the risk involved in cup competitions, and may look to freshen up the squad for tonight's game against QPR...


"There’s no doubt there’s a risk (to being in so many cup competitions). It’s a fact. The lads are running a half-marathon a week at the moment, basically, especially with the intensity we want to play at. So, we have to use our squad."


“I thought we did maybe lack a little bit of energy against Charlton (on Saturday). I did think we lacked a bit of zip in our legs, which is understandable given the travelling that we’ve done recently. Maybe that was the game that caught up with us."


“We definitely have the option to freshen it up and we need that, particularly because we’ve done well in the cups so far. There’s an FA Cup game on the horizon as well, and we want to be positive in that. We’ll have to manage it.”


"We’ll have to have a look at it in terms of the team. We want to win the game, but we have a really tough run ahead and we’re going to need everybody. We've got to step up. It's going to be a really tough week with two really tough games [against QPR and Rotherham]. We need to believe in ourselves and I think we have a group that does trust in each other.


"We'll be objective when we look back at the Charlton game and they'll know the bits where they could have done better, and that happens. Charlton deserved that win and we have to be really honest, and what it does is sharpen your pencil for when you have to make those big decisions in future."

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