With Oxford out the way, Lee Johnson is looking ahead to Monday's match at Peterborough. The Head Coach also gave a tactical explanation for his squad rotation, which saw Aidan O’Brien rested.


"You'll have seen the Peterborough pitch, it's almost like tumbleweed in that it gets quicker when you pass the ball. Peterborough play that pitch really well, they've got good footballers who almost like volley it to each other, so that will be a consideration [in terms of selection]. I genuinely don't think [it's a title-decider]. It's an opportunity for three points and it is the same for them. There's still so many games to play, 27 points still to play for us. There's an awful lot that can and will go on between now and end of the season. Of course, if you win the game then it gives you a nudge up.


"That's why we've got to keep taking our lessons from each game, and we can't have that 15-20 spell we had in the first half here against Peterborough because they will capitalise on that. There's players I know well there, they've got threats in players like Jonson Clarke-Harris and Sammie Szmodics. We'll prepare as we always do, go again and prepare extremely hard to win three points for our supporters."


"There were a few things really. Cameron Brannagan's mobility, we wanted to get around him, he's a good player but not the most mobile. Lynden got his goal as well, which is good. Aiden O'Brien didn't look great to me on Wednesday just in terms of his hamstring. He was fit, he could have come on and he certainly could have played, but when you pick a team all these minute details come into it and you then pick your team based on that."