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Lee Johnson has spoken about the feeling of away games, the positivity of fans and the main focus this season.


"I’m looking forward to it. I’m not sure how many fans we’ll take but I’m looking forward to the away feeling"


"You’ve got to create that cause. I think when Sunderland come to town, I think it raises the spirits of the home support. I think the home team probably up their game a little bit and these are different situations that we’ve got to cope with throughout the season so it’s just another really good test for us that we’ve got to come through but the good thing is that a lot of the boys have got this confidence level at the moment that’s in a good place."


“We had our first taste of it against Wigan and I think everybody really enjoyed that. We knew already the influence of the fans and what they can have and the positivity then can bring. At the same time, it was just a nice feeling wasn’t it just to have that comradery, the spirit, the normality of the matchday and it’s something that nobody would want ever to happen again."


“I think winning’s a good habit. So we always want to win, doesn’t matter whether it’s a game of tiddlywinks or a Carabao Cup game or a league game."


"Without question, the lead focus has to be on the league. I think it always is so I wouldn’t say that’s changed but I have been in scenarios at my other clubs where we were in Carabao Cup semi-finals, that type of example where it can end up affecting and being a detriment to the league so we can’t afford for that to affect us this season. We want to win football matches and it’s part of the big picture."


"We’re going to use those matches as well to develop our young players, our home grown players. At the same time, we expect those home grown players to perform and to win because we want to be competitive and they have to be competitive and we’ll try and get the balance in every game, particularly in the cup where we’re definitely competitive to win but at the same time, like aiding the big picture and getting minutes to young players."