Let's get one thing straight, Sunderland did not miss out on the chance of promotion because of Coronavirus. In the surreal world we have lived in in recent months the virus has determined that the season finished early, but Sunderland never deserved even a chance at the play offs.

The Chairman and Board may complain they are bitterly disappointed but it was they who appointed a manager that none of the fans wanted and who threw too many points away in his dire (extended) start as manager, and who, despite the illusion of having turned things around, simply confirmed his team and tactics could not cut it when playing any of their rivals at the top in what turned out to be the final stages of the season.

Parkinson simply was not good enough and now we have to bow to the mighty Oxford, Wycombe and Fleetwood who go into the playoffs unbelievable!

And given the fact that "inconsistency" is Parkinson's middle name, who can summon up any real excitement or enthusiasm at the prospect of next season with him in charge. To be sure, the fact that Sunderland have to spend another season in League One should make every member of the Board hang their heads in shame.