Kyril Louis-Dreyfus has been chatting about why he wants to become chairman of our club. His family have previously been involved with French side Marseille but fell out of love with football after describing it as a ‘rotten business.’ However, he’s now calling Sunderland ‘special.’

“Following the sale of OM (Marseille) I stuck to one idea: we don't do anything in football anymore, it's a rotten business,” said Louis-Dreyfus. “But Sunderland, this is a special project, really. The potential is in England. At OM, we didn't have the Vélodrome, which was causing us a lot of problems; Sunderland owns its stadium, with the country's seventh capacity. The fervor of the people is reminiscent of that of Marseille. In D3, before the health crisis, there were more spectators on average than in half of the Premier League clubs. You can't buy this! In cities like Zurich, Monaco, nobody is interested in football, it limits the possibilities of expansion.”

Image credit: Paul Swinney