I listened to SAFC's interview with Kristjaan Speakman with interest, waiting to hear something which would inspire me to believe it was a good appointment. Sadly, the longer he talked the more my soul despaired until, at the death he uttered the following words about the club engaging with the fans' values and behaviours that are aligned to the people who live in this area. What do people think when they utter nonsense like that? Do they really believe the fans will think 'Wahoo, way to go Kristjaan!' More likely the listeners will, like me, think WTF?!

In my experience there is often a mistaken belief in some people that by saying something they think sounds 'clever' the person saying it will impress and look good. In reality it can have totally the opposite effect. Many years ago, a young gentleman came to see me with a view to persuading my company to use his company's services. During our chat (and whilst I was trying to take my mind off his loud pinstripe suit) he suggested my company 'try to pick the low hanging fruit'. At that point his chances of getting business from us, which were already low thanks to his suit, disappeared totally. That fruit harvesting suggestion showed the man to be a first class bullsh*tter and he was pointed to the exit as soon as courtesy would allow! If he had simply said 'take the easy option' he may have 'stayed in the game' a bit longer. I have always adhered to the 'KISS' principle - keep it simple, stupid! You would have thought Speakman would know his intended audience or that someone like big time Charlie would have had a quiet word in his shell like before he sat down in front of the camera and committed that particular own goal to posterity.

On this wonderful website a couple of weeks ago I said that, personally speaking, I wasn't taken with the idea that the potential new buyers could simply turn out to be a reworking of the current ones. I had hoped for a clean sweep both in ownership and management because I think the club needs shaking up from top to bottom to get the fans back on board and believe things are going to change for the better and very soon. We needed inspirational appointments. One assumes Speakman has been appointed by the current owners with the approval of the new ones. Likewise the new manager. Unfortunately there was no new manager bounce against Wigan and the performance must have perfectly demonstrated to Lee Johnson that this squad is one dimensional at best and not fit for purpose (unless that purpose is perennial mid table League 1 mediocrity as far as the board is concerned).

Now I know it is early days, I shouldn't be such a miserable old grump and everyone should be given a fair chance. The current owners have had theirs over the last two and a half years and where are we? We are supposedly financially better off but the current squad and league position is down to them thanks to their recruitment policy both on and off the pitch. Will the new owners, first team coach (he's the bloody manager!) and Director of Football be totally different?

Speakman clearly isn't a great advocate of the KISS principle. Perhaps the way things are going pretty soon it may be another kiss we need - the Kiss of Life?!