Jordan Willis has been chatting about our prospects for the rest of the season, his “goal” at Oxford and how now he’s loving his time at Sunderland.

“It means everything to us to see this through. We go into every game wanting to win. We want to win every single game between now and the end of the season, and if we can do that great. There might be some ups and downs along the way, but we want to win every game. It was my goal, just to clear that up! I’m not even sure it got a touch of Mousinho. But I’m just grateful to come away with the win. It’s a difficult place to come, especially with the conditions. It wasn’t too bad. The wind was a bit swirly so the ball wasn’t really going in just one direction. But the pitch was fine. It was just when the ball got caught in the wind. But we dealt with it. We were fortunate to go a goal ahead early on and I think from then on it was quite a professional performance. Second half we struggled to get out of our half at stages, but we defended very well and managed to keep another clean sheet. We’re really organised out of possession now; everyone knows their role in and out of possession. Limiting teams to minimal chances is part of that, and we’re managing to do that. It’s down to graft on the training pitch and the mentality throughout the whole team.”

“Everybody wants to put their bodies on the line - even the strikers and midfielders come back and you see them throwing themselves in front of the ball. So, it’s a credit to everyone because that’s the mentality at the moment. No matter who’s playing we all know how each other plays and we’ve all made good bonds with each other. It doesn’t matter who’s playing you still get the same results. Credit to everyone. Even the lads that don’t start. You see with the lads that came on from the subs bench today, it’s not easy coming on in a game like this, but they’ve slotted straight in and performed very well. It’s important that anyone can fit in and it’s great to have that in the team. If someone has to come in they know their role, and that’s not just the back three, that’s throughout the whole team. Everyone’s got to play their part and hopefully we can continue getting wins. Hopefully we can crack on and look forward to next weekend’s game and get another win.”