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Former Sunderland player, John MacPhail, suffered a tragic accident last year when he fell down the stairs, resulting in a brain injury which means he’s unlikely to walk again. He is still in care and his family hope to bring him home.

Before he can come home though his house must have renovations to accommodate his requirements. An extension needs to be built onto the house which won’t be cheap. To fund this the MacPhails have launched ‘MacPhail's Miles’ which asks people to walk 100 sponsored miles in honour of his passion for being fit and active.

They have almost reached their goal of £15,000 raised, with the total currently coming up to just shy of £12,000. John’s eldest daughter has been thankful for the support and here’s what she's said about the help so far:

"Everyone has been so kind, I can’t tell you how overwhelmed we’ve been. We thought we’d maybe raise 3 or 4 thousand, so for people to donate what they have is amazing. We feel really proud that he’s so well thought of. He’s the type of guy who would do anything for anyone. York City held a golf day with former players and they did a bucket collection at the last match, they’ve been incredibly supportive. We’ve been totally blown away by people’s generosity.”

If you would like to help contribute to bring John home you can do so here.

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