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Birthday boy Trai Hume spoke following the draw against Luton this afternoon that saw a late equaliser from Amad courtesy of a penalty.


“It was a tough game, you know they came, they pressed and had a big physical side and we had to step up to that, I think a point I would say is fair overall in the game because they had chances and we had chances. It was a good game.”


“Trusting the players on the ball, we know we’re a good team, we’re good at keeping the ball so we have to pass it around them but they’re big, aggressive, they try and get physical, obviously we’re not the biggest team, obviously that works both ways they had their strengths and we had ours, it kinda evened itself out in the game.”


“That comes from the mentality of the players, mentality of the staff and comes from the fans, the fans are pushing us on they want us to get another and that’s gonna keep pushing us on and obviously we want to get another, and I don’t want to say dominated but the last ten minutes I thought we were on top of them and we could have pushed to get another one.”


“No, you know that's the way they always are, away and at home you know they’re always bouncing, they’re always pushing us, it’s good for a lot of the young players because it shows what we’re pushing for, what we’re playing for and that’s good.”


“Yeah it’s been going good you know, playing games week in week out I feel like I’m improving every week or I’m trying to, I’m trying to keep on improving, trying to show my teammates and show the staff and show the fans what I can do and try and keep on impressing and I think I’m doing that but Goochy’s back now, we all know what Goochy’s about, he’s gonna keep on pushing me and it’s going to raise my levels up higher to keep my spot.”


“Yeah definitely, you know I’ve always loved playing for my country, it’s something I’m proud of doing, going away and playing these two games, hopefully I can play both of them and obviously get minutes and represent my country, that’ll be good.”


“Yeah, big family over at the minute so, they’re all over and I’ll have a good dinner tonight and enjoy it.”