Do you remember the old saying “his second touch is a tackle?“ Well it appears for most of our players they don’t even have a second touch, the times we mis-controlled, misplaced passes, over hit crosses!

Bolton’s best and most effective tactic was to give us possession either on the edge of, or in their box, they should have buried us with the clear-cut chances we created for them. On Sunday I travel to Doncaster and quite frankly I have zero expectation.

Our poor formation, crap tactics, below average skill levels, lack of desire, and the fact they just turned over Posh at home does not bode well. In coaching they often ask you define the difference between technique and skill.

Essentially, they are one in the same other than skill is applying the technique under pressure and I just feel we do not have anyone at present who consistently copes and thrives on the pressure.

The window will make or break our season and I do hope the people off the pitch show the skill to deliver. if not we will suffer more of today and how much more of this before we get fined under the trades description act.

From My Vantage Point