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Tom Flanagan has spoken about the measures the club are taking to ensure their games don't get called off...


"We’ve had two meetings at the club and a Zoom call one evening with various people about what to do and what not to do."


“It’s just being sensible, especially over the Christmas period, having family come up or over from abroad, just ask them to test. Obviously we have had some cases but because the protocols are so strict at the minute and we are all sticking to it we are all in a good place.”


"It hasn’t spread like that. Like we saw last year it can spread in a matter of hours. It happened on the coach to us and then that was it."


“We have made a real concerted effort and to be honest we are still hurting from when the season got cut short and we fell out of the play-offs because of it. We don’t want that to happen again and if that is the case, which I really don’t think it will be, we want to win as many games and get as many points as possible.”


“We have changed where we do the team meetings now so we do it in the indoor 3D pitch, so it’s us sitting on a big 11-aside pitch with a big screen. It’s enormous so it’s kind of a bit of overkill because we are shouting at each other to have a conversation. That is where we are at and as long as we keep games on that is brilliant.”


"I think if you are a team with Covid you are relieved that your game is off but if you’re one of the teams who hasn't got it and your game is called off you are ready to be playing games."


“I think the lads are dynamic so maybe it’s time for us to really kick on now and get a grip of the league and say to everyone else this is where we are. We have to be consistent and I think that’s been the key feature is the consistency within the group.”