This Monday, 4th May, there’s a ‘Newcastle United Takeover Digital Town Hall’ [19:00-21:00] hosted by George Caulkin of The Athletic and formerly of The Times on behalf of Newcastle Central Labour MP Chi Onwurah for Newcastle fans to put forward their opinions on their proposed takeover.

The big players in this much publicised NUFC takeover are the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, whose Chairman is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the conduct and controversies of the Saudi regime and bin Salman in particular, just google his name. Links will include headings like ‘Khashoggi’ and ‘War against Yemen’ and that’s just for starters. Look and make your own minds up.

Many people would like to know Chi Onwurah’s personal opinion on the City of Newcastle and its football club entertaining bin Salman and his cronies. After all, this is the woman who took up a lot of valuable Parliamentary time in recent years questioning the current NUFC owner Mike Ashley’s running of the club as well as highlighting what she saw as his unsavoury business practices. So, is Chi now going to be happy if the Saudi’s come in as majority shareholders and chief financiers of NUFC?

To George Caulkin, what is your personal opinion of a dictatorial regime with a poor human rights record being involved in the club you support? You are currently a Patron of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which you have frequently said that you are proud of. Can you say in your heart of hearts that Sir Bobby would be proud of your seemingly sycophantic attitude toward the Saudi involvement in the takeover?

Wasn’t he a decent man? You are currently one of the cheerleaders from The Athletic online sports publishers, along with another fervent Magpie writer, Chris Waugh, going on about #cans like a couple of naïve teenagers blinded to the reality of your prospective new owners [those of you not familiar with #cans visit George’s Twitter page].

We await your answers in the public arena George and Chi…….