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Former Sunderland defender Danny Collins has revealed that he has been coaching at the Academy of Light in preparations for getting his A License in coaching. The 41-year-old played almost 150 games on Wearside, and will be hoping to pass on his experience to younger players within the youth system.


"I’ve got my A License starting the middle of next month so I need to be in and around the academy taking some sessions."


"I’ve just been up there this morning. Lovely day, as you mentioned! A lack of wind at the training ground which is a rarity."


"But we had the 16s in and the 18s were in so I took a couple of sessions and it was good.”

Collins currently has a job on a matchday, doing commentary alongside Frankie Francis for the official club streaming site. He is also host of the SAFC Unfiltered Podcast with Frankie, where he offers insight and refreshing honesty.

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