The absolutely pathetic, gutless, disorganised and unforgivable display last night against Bristol Rovers, a tiny club in free fall, with one win in eighteen games, encapsulates the current state of Sunderland AFC.

There is no leadership at the club, from top to bottom and the manner in which the club is run despite fabulous support and excellent facilities is simply scandalous.

Those in charge should be ashamed of the current state of our club, with a big percentage of the current playing staff out of contract at the end of the season.

Currently a poorly led team is bottling it as they did last season in the league, the Checkatrade final and the play off final.

Two points out of fifteen against Portsmouth, Fleetwood, Coventry, Gillingham and Bristol Rovers highlights this vividly.

Have the manager and the players still got the ability to at least reach the play offs?

Nearly 5,000 away supporters will be at Blackpool following the lads on Saturday. That is world class support that many top sides throughout Europe could only ever dream about. In the third tier.

Those involved in the Bristol Rovers debacle should be ashamed enough to hopefully be committed to now saving the season. Will it happen is the big question?