Aiden McGeady has been chatting about how Lee Johnson brought him back from cold and decided to play his best player to improve the team!

McGeady said: "It was a very quick turn of events from being in the under-23's to starting against Wigan in the first game he [Lee Johnson] took. I've obviously got to give a lot of thanks to the manager. He could've just come in and not done what he was and kept me where I was. He's given me a clean slate and so far I've been playing under him. I've been enjoying my football again which is the main thing. I think I trained one day back with the first team and Tayls [Andrew Taylor] was picking the team. Then the manager phoned me on the Friday night and said 'I'm pretty close to getting the job and if it goes through I'll be taking the game. Do you want to start?' I was like 'of course.' So I had to get my head on from what I was doing to starting a game again. It was a funny one for me because I'd been out the team so long. I just wanted to get the game out of the way and get back playing. There's no point in dwelling on the past. What's went on has went on and I can't turn back time. But even from when I was first put in the 23's I still maintained that I wanted to help the team but I wasn't given the chance to do that. Now I am and that's all I wanted."