Lee Johnson is hoping that the head injury that Bailey Wright sustained against Ipswich Town won’t keep him out of action this weekend against Gillingham. “Bailey [Wright] took a bit of a whack in the mush,” Johnson said. “His lips are really swollen and bleeding, but I don’t think it was anything higher – it was a bump in the mouth, rather than the head, so hopefully he will recover and be fine and there won’t be any concussion. Sometimes the entertainment suffers just because of how many games there are. It’s hard to be sharp as a tack when there is a game every three days, but we can’t complain because we have got a big squad, we have got a good squad, and there’s a couple to come back in Grigg and Flanagan reasonably soon.”

Meanwhile, Johnson is hoping to offload Will Grigg leave on loan if he can sort out a deal that suits everyone. Johnson said: “I have had discussions with Will and I think he feels it hasn't gone as well as he'd hoped it would. If there's a challenge and a change that suits all parties in the short term, we might have a look at it. Saying that, me personally, I am more than happy having Will Grigg as one of four strikers, and a fit, motivated version which you would hope to get considering he's been out of the team with that injury for a while. We're trying very hard, studying a lot of names. It's very fluid in terms of, there's normally a domino effect down to League One, and we've got the salary cap issue as well. So we've got to be creative. With a bit of luck we'll definitely get one in, if you gave me a wish there'd be three but I'd be more than happy with one or two and if we don't, no problem, we go with what we've got.”