The player labelled a model professional last season by Jack Ross, Aiden McGeady, the star man who played matches with a broken foot to help the cause is now surplus to requirements because of alleged misdemeanours behind the scenes.

Like most fans I haven’t a scooby as to what McGeady has done to find himself basically chucked out of SAFC, but what I do know is that the alleged cliques and unrest in the dressing room have definitely materialised of late.

I have heard it alleged that a group of players are unhappy with our new managerial set up, whose methods, tactics and team selections have caused dismay and confusion amongst a generally unhappy playing squad.

As the majority of performances under the manager, who had the best references of all candidates and who was apparently the cheapest and most available option available to a cash strapped club, have been absolutely pathetic and an insult to the club and fan base, this would seem to have more than a semblance of truth, surely?

In his pre-Blackpool press conference, the manager would not divulge on why an obvious talent like McGeady is now surplus to requirements at a time when we are struggling badly. McGeady has not played or contributed anything like he did last season, But which players have performed effectively and consistently this season, especially since Parkinson’s arrival. No one would deny that our displays and results have nosedived dramatically since PP took over when we were four points off second place.

Parkinson has criticised his squad and yesterday openly talked about Maguire losing weight and getting fitter. Can such things not be kept behind closed doors? Talking openly of individuals problems and such like hardly helps the manager motivate his already moody squad, who admittedly should be professional and play for their personal pride, the club and the fans.

As a footnote the playing squad will undeniably be affected by the general unrest and lack of direction from our owner and those who have recently departed a sinking ship. We all deserve better than the current mess.