Stop This Torture

Is it the express purpose of those who have been running our club in recent years to torture their fans? One would certainly think so given the mediocrities who have occupied the managerial position past and present.

Losing Sam Allardyce to the FA signalled a procession of managerial incompetents and a double/consecutive relegation. I did hope and believe that after showing Jack Ross the door we would secure the services of a manager, hopefully a young manager, who could truly inspire and motivate a team as well as introducing some tactical nous to a team that have clearly lacked any in recent years.

There are clearly such managers doing just that with other clubs at the moment. But who did the powers that be come up with, the grossly underwhelming Phil Parkinson, whose track record to date suggests that things look like plummeting new depths at the club - and who would have thought that possible? Wins over lowly Tranmere and Southend cannot disguise the fact this looks like being another soul-destroying season.

You could write a PhD thesis speculating as to why Sunderland has become a graveyard for managers over the last 15 years. You might venture into the realms of voodoo and curses, or you just might come back to the conclusion that the most loyal fans in football are truly lions led by donkeys! We should have walked away with this League last season and be doing a Charlton at least in the Championship. But supporters must surely now be resigned to more bitter disappointment and more excruciating pain as we find ourselves imprisoned in this lowly league.