Shit Hits Fan

Well what do you know, the international break is upon us and we are seeking another manager and rumour abounds that the investment deal has hit the rocks…

There is a famous sign over the entrance to the tunnel at Anfield that says "This is Anfield", well I can see that sign for us because "This is Sunderland" but not to strike fear into the hearts of opponents but to remind us that we can never take anything for granted. I have said before there are key parts to the structure of a business and this football club is no different, today there are three key focuses. Financials, Leadership and the 1st Team


Any deal for a purchase takes time and any purchaser/investor who knows what they are doing will do their due diligence to the finest margin. I don't know the numbers, but i do know if you uncover areas that you not made aware of your gut instinct is to turn away. There is an opportunity to grow this club, of that I have no doubt and I trust and hope that everyone involved in this process sees the bigger picture.


If you had asked me after the debacles of the last few seasons, we would have been to Wembley twice, barely lost a football match and be two points of automatic promotion and then sack the manager, i would have thought you were going crazy, but "This is Sunderland." The issue is we never looked like we were really on top, we have fought and scrapped without much style and ultimately this and the fear of failure has cost Jack his job. I liked the man, he carried himself with dignity and was a breath of fresh air, but football is a brutal business and due to some of his weaknesses but mainly due to the legacy he inherited he has been sacked.

1st Team

I did not get to Lincoln but by all accounts we were as poor as we were at Bolton and Peterborough, and at home to Wimbledon. The trend has started and we need to buck it quickly, these players can get Sunderland promoted, they know it, I want them to prove it. I will be there tonight, I will be doing my bit, because "This is Sunderland" and it is what we do.