Dear ALS

Dear ALS

Once again the club have opted for cancellation of a match, this time a home game against Fleetwood Town.

All this because of international call ups. The three players concerned, the McLaughlins John and Conor and Tom Flanagan. This not only robs the supporters of their Saturday afternoon football fix but also puts extra pressure on the fans with a mid-week game and all the problems of actually getting to the match.

I dare say, some fans have to work mid-week and cannot make the games. Fleetwood fans will have to travel mid-week which is not ideal. Surely our squad is strong enough to cope with the loss, Burge has done very well in the games he's played and Flanagan and Conor McLaughlin have not been nailed on starters this season.

All these cancellations and there are two more to come plus the Check a trade or whatever it's called at the moment, will create another fixture pile up. Last season taught us a lesson about this situation and clearly the management of the club have failed to learn that lesson. Play the weakest team possible in the checka and get us out of it as soon as possible and using our squad on international days is the way forward. We must push promotion as the be all and end all, it's disgraceful that the club lingers in the 3rd division when much smaller poorer clubs are doing better. It's time for priorities.

Pete L

Mansfield Mackem