I Know We Can

We are eight games into the season and have played six league and two cup games, five wins, two draws and one defeat. In the league that’s 3-2-1 (no dusty bin please).

In any other season I would be very happy with that return but for some reason I am not.

It’s as if I am waiting for the lads to start (it’s as if last season hasn’t finished yet), our style of play has not altered, or developed yet.

Today we hope that the takeover comes to fruition and the club will have a stronger financial foundation from which to build.

This will not help the team in the short term unless a free agent comes along, but hopefully in the next transfer window it will.

So, for now I want three things.

1: Remove the uncertainty that hangs over the club, if it affects me, I have no idea how the people in the club feel…

2: Play with a freedom and confidence that puts teams on the back foot, I am sick of being told we are every other team’s big game, let’s play like it and make them fear us.

3: Win football matches , if we maintain the ratio of 3/2/1 we will have approx. 82 points from 44 matches which matches last season pretty much, and that is why I have this deja vu we will be in the play offs again unless we take the initiative and stamp our football on this league

I know we can.