Mystery New Striker

It seems we are on the verge of bringing in another striker, according to Charlton Athletic boss Lee Bowyer, who has announced it on our behalf! Bowyer said: “There was a striker we wanted but he’s just gone to Sunderland. So, we’re competing with League One clubs. That’s the reality of it. We don’t always get the people we’re trying to pursue but we’ll keep working hard and going through our list. We’ll move on. We’ve got a lot of people that we like. There’s a lot of good players out there. It’s trying to pick the right ones and hope that they choose us over the other clubs that are obviously chasing them as well.”

In other news, a striker we already have, Will Grigg, reckons he’ll do the business this season. Let’s hope so… “There were lots of negatives last year, like I've said before it's not something I've experienced before in terms of disappointment [at League One level]. It's a massive factor for me this year, proving people wrong and working hard to make this successful. I came to the club for success and that's not going to change. It makes a difference, coming in January is never easy,” Grigg said. “I actually started alright but had a dip in form, injury, and never really got going towards the end of the season. Pre-season makes a massive difference, getting fitness under my belt and working with the boys for longer. It's [new system] not something I've done before and I think that goes for a lot of the boys, but we're working hard on it in training and the gaffer is great with the information and setting us up. There were times against Belenenses where we had weaknesses and bits to improve on, but there were also loads of positives to take from it. It suits me, I've always played in a one in the successful parts of my career and I think if you get that fluid movement, players running off me and linking up, it could work well. It's nothing to worry about, there's a lot of heavy legs out there and it makes it difficult. It will come, it's just the case of that little bit of quality in the final third and the heat, the heavy legs, it all makes a difference. We'll be scoring goals sooner rather than later.”