Keep Moving

No sooner am I focusing on the season ahead then alerts pop up on the phone, deleted Twitter accounts, someone has put the Catt out and we are in the bargain buckets at Woolworths looking for an item someone put in there by mistake.

Once my initial reactions have simmered, I try to see the story behind the story, as invariably it’s never the real story.

Twitter - I think it’s a shame that Stewart Donald deleted his account after losing it with a fan. We had lived in a previous world of incommunicado, so the openness in which he engaged with supporters was very refreshing. There are some who say it was a PR stunt to ingratiate the owners with the fans? So what, any attempt to communicate is a form of PR…

They did a good job, but it comes at a risk, because your audience demands more and different things and a twist on that old phrase “you can keep some of the people happy some of the time but you cannot keep all of the people happy all of the time.“

I have never known a business been run and sold on a public platform and in fairness I do not believe either the owners or supporters expect this, but ensuring the balance is right and also the emotion may have helped at this time.

I would love to see SD back on Twitter, dialogue is healthy and remember you do not have to attend every argument you are invited to.

Catts is gone - sad to see this, but we all knew the commercial reality was unsustainable. If we can use part of this saving to enhance the squad then in the short and long term we will hopefully reap the reward.

I remember his debut at Bolton, his commitment to the cause, recovering from setbacks and playing with injuries when many others would have been getting a manicure - ten years is such a long time in football - thanks Lee

Bargain buckets - years ago this was the case, but now due to contracts and agents this is where you can unearth a diamond or two - Jon McLaughlin for one last season.

Let’s hope we find a Marco or a Bally - they may have cost a meagre sum, but price is what you pay value is what you get.

Note of caution everyone is doing the same, so let’s not lose our valuable players to the predators from up above.