Honeyman Craic

George Honeyman is raring to go for the game against Charlton Athletic at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

“To think we have a one-off game to get promotion, we would have snapped your hand off for it in pre-season,” he said. “From back-to-back relegations and finishing bottom of the table - I know that was the Premier League and Championship, but it was a negative, losing culture. As a football club, we have to be realistic, and for it to have turned like this in ten months and to have one-off shot to win promotion is fantastic. Two trips to Wembley? Everyone at the club has to be so proud. We only lost five (league) games all season, and two of them were the last couple when we knew our fate anyway. They were tough games to play in against teams that were fighting for everything, when we realistically had nothing to fight for. I'm always very confident in us as a squad that when we know our fate and we know who we're playing and what the fall-out is, that we are going to produce. I think we have all season in big games. I'm so happy and proud for everyone in the club, and now I just want to finish it off and lift some silverware at the end of what has already been a successful season.”