Up For The Fight?

Sunderland Till You Die or In A Mighty Huff?

It’s a simple question to any SAFC fan in good health and who has the financial wherewithal to attend the critically important Pompey match this Saturday, are you Sunderland till you die or are you in a huff because we haven’t gone up automatically?

Our support has been fantastic throughout this difficult season and it seems ridiculous that when the club and team need us more than ever, that a sizeable amount of fans may be contemplating not attending if current vibes about slow ticket sales for Saturday evening to date are correct.

There’s just no excuse to come this far and not attend on Saturday if you can do. Yes, it’s not a convenient KO time and yes, it’s on TV and yes, not going up in the top two is a pisser and yes, SAFC have spent decades letting us all down far too often, but we are Sunderland.

We fight our battles together and keep on keeping on. Don’t we?