Matchday Mashup...

From Sky Sports League predictions to Luke O’Nien here’s what’s making today’s headlines. Sky Sports’ EFL Pundits have had their say on who they think will be promoted in League One and all five of their pundit’sbar Andy Hinchcliffe believe we will finish second in the table with Luton winning the league. Hinchcliffe does believe the lads will go up in the playoffs and beat Portsmouth.

Jack Ross has been looking back to the previous defeat to Burton back in September as we suffered our first league defeat of the season, Ross said: “You never want to get beat. The truth is I’m not sure I could have ever imagined us only losing two games by this point because it’s a tough league. I think it was important for a couple of reasons.One, in terms of how I would deal with it publicly the players don’t really know, it’s all fine and well when you’re winning games. Then more importantly, it was within the dressing room and within here [training ground] because I always maintained that I’m happy to have discussions and communications, I’m quite open that way, balanced with the fact that I’m the manager. A lot of people talk the talk in that respect but don’t walk the walk when it comes to it. I think the players at that time saw that’s how it was. We spoke for a while after the game because we were rubbish that day, we didn’t play well. Burton played well, they deserved to win and I’m not taking anything away from them, but we weren’t at it. Being able to speak about it quite frankly and openly without fear of being shut down right away because the manager doesn’t agree with it, it can be nice to have those times early on where players can see you in different circumstances if you like. I remember it well, there were some who spoke up who I expected to and then there others who maybe I wasn’t sure if they would. So that encouraged me that they were comfortable enough to do it and cared enough to do it. “

Luke O’Nien has been a revelation at right back and Jack Ross has Praised the makeshift full back, Ross said:"We needed somebody to play there because of the injuries we have had, but we didn't just shove him in there - we broke it down, looked at the attributes he has, and saw that he has what is needed to play in that position," said Ross, whose side could move into the automatic promotion places as they take on Burton Albion on Wearside tonight looking for a fourth successive league win. Because of his attitude and his approach, he has learned about what it takes to play in that role and has got better and better. "Individually, you look at the strengths needed to play full-back.It sounds quite obvious, but it's something we do in academies because you need to look and see what attributes are needed to play in what position.For a young man playing in that position for the first time and playing for a club like this for the first time, he has been brilliant."

Finally, it’s being reported in the Sun that Manchester United are interested in our 15-year-old goalkeeper Adam Richardson who could be worth around £500,000. Apparently, they were interested in him in January but are now keen on taking him in the summer. It’s a lot of money for a youngster and will be intriguing to see how this one plays out if true.