Tell Them About The Honey

George Honeyman has been chatting about his red card at Wycombe and his hopes of leading Sunderland out at Wembley.

Honeyman said: “It was a bit of a surreal moment, in the changing room by myself. It was five minutes later that I actually calmed down and started to think about the consequences. I couldn’t have picked what I thought was going to be the next three games. Barnsley, arguably the biggest game of the season so far. Walsall, my mum’s birthday so she was bringing a group of friends over to the game. Then Wembley. It’s done now. The relief that I can play at Wembley, I’m extremely lucky at how it has worked out and I can’t wait to try and take the opportunity. On the bus, I’d heard that I might be able to play. The next 48 hours were horrible, I didn’t know what games what I was going to miss, how the appeal would go etc. You just don’t know where you’re at, I just wanted to know what was going to happen and if it was the worst possible news then at least I could start to get my head round it. It would have been a really tough pill to swallow, I’m very lucky not to miss Wembley. It was a battle and Wycombe had a gameplan to frustrate us. The ball came out of play, our kitman has gone to get the ball and their assistant manager has kicked it out of his hands. That’s when I’ve ran in. Rightly or wrongly, I wish I’d never got sent off but if someone goes for one of us, it’s my personality. I wouldn’t say it is right or wrong, that’s just how I am and how we are as a team. I think we’re exactly where we need to be,” said Honeyman. “I know we’re expected to be getting record points, to have won the league by a country mile, but that’s not how it was ever going to be. After the few years that we’ve had at the club, we couldn’t win in a home game in a calendar year just about. Now we’ve gone unbeaten at home all season so far, in any league that’s tough to do. Everyone can’t wait to play against us, it’s a battle every week and I think we’ve coped with it well as a club. Now it’s about finishing it well. I’ve got no doubts that we will, the mindset is really good.”