Some Perspective Please

On paper 13 draws is too many, just take the difference between us and Luton 5 extra draws and times them by three points and we’d be top. But so what!

When we were double relegated, lost another manager, whose relatively impressive record even couldn’t fix the shite we were in, when we switched owners and then changed 99% of a dismal squad. When we brought in a relatively unknown Scottish manager who set about rebuilding an entire squad from knob all, when we then lost a few more keys players, including your wonder kid who is top goal scorer, when we then have the tardiest defence in the league, we have scored in every game in the league, have gone on the longest run of unbeaten home games since, what Reidys era?

When will this be enough to actually be satisfied? When did the FA say ok Sunderland, you can have it easy now? Some perspective please people. Did you think we were going romp the league! 3-4 nil every week. We were absolutely shite for at least six years, only the results against the Mags, Jermaine Defoe as a human and goal scorer and the few decent moments when we got out of relegation kept most of us sane, but particularly the latter get boring.

This season is so long, as Peterborough and Portsmouth fans are finding out! Look where they were are now. Luton look Championship quality, the rest of us we are where we are. Ross is doing ok, things are a flipping lot better, of course I’d love a 3-5-2 combination and see free flowing goal scoring sex on a pitch, but it’s League One, we are the mighty Sunderland and everyone measures their success against us, with our fancy ground, big fan base etc, etc, so results will be hard. Just look at how tough the return games are from teams we brushed aside, they’ve responded, their teams also in the majority have been together for a few seasons. We’re just getting some in, back from injury and working it all out.

Second spot is my preference, nah too much pressure, not too much focus on Ross from other clubs or other key players and then evolve in the Championship for a year or so, bollocks to the Premier League, Sky made it up anyway big time Charlies. But if it’s the play offs, we’ll, more nerves, excitement, more fun, win or not.

I’m loving this season, the football has been better than I expected, I know we need more wins and I am frustrated we haven’t seen a few more flair performances from the lads last 5-6 weeks and I’d love to see more goals smashing the opposition’s net. But I’m proud of us as fans, players, club, owners, managers a like, for the first time in years. I’m going to carry on enjoying it and see what occurs. I think I won’t worry, coz everything will be alright.