Kone Kraic...

It’s match-day! If you can thaw your brain long enough to read this, here’s the latest craic. Lamine Kone has rated his time at the best club in the world a 6 out of ten. The feeling is mutual. "I will say six. It started very well when I arrived from Lorient. I lived four months on fire: we were last, before staying up. I then played all the next season, despite the descent into the Championship. But the second downhill in the third division spoils everything. Two consecutive relegations is rare for a footballer or a club. So hard to digest that. The damage is done. It’s in the past. But I do not regret this passage, even if it ended badly."

Moving onto nice blokes who actually want to be at the club now, Duncan Watmore is delighted to be back and wants to contribute after slowly being reintroduced: “Each one has been a kind of a step up in the right direction, because Walsall was a step-up on the intensity of the Checkatrade and I’m sure the league will be a step-up on that. That’s just the way it goes and that’s why it’s worked out well in terms of the managing of the process. I’m fully aware that it’s going to be very intense and something that I’m going to have to manage.It’s what we’ve worked so hard for, that match day moment in the league and helping the club. Our ultimate aim is to get promoted and I’d love to contribute in the second half of the season to the lads doing that.”

Here’s to three points, lads and lasses!

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