Bali’s Desire

Bali Mumba has been talking about his development and also his desire to get more game time under his belt.

“I understand it from the manager’s point of view. He's got a job to do, which is to get the first team promoted. I understand what he does, but he also has to manage my game-time. He always tells me I'm quite young and I've got a lot of time. I understand from that point of view, but while I’m on the bench (for the first team) I still need game-time, that's why he puts me in the Under-23s, to get experience. That's still a high level for me, being 17, it's still quite a challenge for me with the physicality. I understand what he says and I respect that. I understand why I’m on and off, but it’s just the start for me really. I know that as we go on, come the end of the season, my time will come, more minutes will be given to me. Right now, I think I’m at a good spot, a good place, getting minutes for the Under-23s and coming up for the first team. For my age, it’s a good thing to be doing, getting experience playing against bigger physical lads. Loan talks, I haven’t heard much yet, me and the gaffer will try and discuss it but right now I’m in a good space. I think what I’m doing is enough, but I want to do more. We’ll soon have that conversation and see what we want to do about loans. The craic with the lads is great,” he added. “The togetherness, we’re pushing each other, even us on the bench, we’re pushing those who are starting to maintain that high standard. Even though we’re not in the starting XI, we’re pushing them to work hard and keep their standards high and stay in that starting XI. We all love Sunderland, and want the club to be back where they belong, that’s the main thing.”

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