Opposition View: Posh

You know the drill. We ask an opposition fan to preview the game. Here goes...

Peterborough are currently 2nd in League 1. How would you summarise your results and performances this season?

We’ve had a strong start to the season for the last 3 years now. We are unfortunately only one place and 3 points better off than last year so we're not getting carried away. Away performances have been fantastic scoring 17 goals in 5 games away from home winning all, but home form needs to be sorted.

Both Peterborough and Sunderland have had a huge turnover of players over the summer. In relation to Peterborough, is that purely a response to missing out on the playoffs again last season last season, or are there other reasons behind it?

I think it's not making it last year but also Steve Evans coming in in February and unfortunately him realising that they weren’t his players. There was a very close bond with the players last year, so it was gutting to see a lot of them go. But it's football. They move on.

Jack Baldwin is now at SAFC. He’s been one of our best players this season. Do you think it was just a case of him needing a new start?

Knowing Jack as a man off the football pitch too, he is genuinely one of the nicest blokes you will ever come across in football. Speaking to him out in Portugal this year on our pre-season training camp he was happy and settled at Peterborough, but game time is key to him. He picked up two crucial injuries at Posh. But what turned a few Posh fans against him was a couple of sloppy errors that could have been game changing. To see if he's cut this out he will be one of the better centre backs in the league and personally wish him the best of luck.

Most Sunderland fans will not know much about the Peterborough players. Who do you think we should be watching out for and why?

Personally, and this isn't being big headed but on their day all of them. There seems to be a fantastic team spirit between them all this year and when we click, they all click and you can see confidence running through them. Personally, the stand out players though would be Siriki Dembele who is just stupidly quick with his feet but the link up play from midfield to the wingers has been second to none.

What formation do the team normally use, and what’s their usual tactics and style of play? Does this differ away from home, where you have a superb record and have been scoring goals for fun?

Usually play 4-4-2, and it's been working so far. Cannot understand the difference between home and away games because away from home you can't see us losing. We’re going into every game full of confidence.

You’ve already scored 26 goals in the first 10 league games but have conceded 13. Would you say Posh’s success this season will be based on simply ‘outgunning’ teams in high scoring games?

I just don't think we know when to give up, we've been playing such attacking football. And I think that's the Steve Evans way. To score one more than we concede and I’m more than happy with that.

Any injuries or suspensions to key players?

Nope, and credit to our fitness team this season we are "fitter than ever" apparently.

Posh owner Darragh MacAnthony seems to be a big character. What kind of influence does he have on the club and fans?

He puts his money into the club, so he is entitled to his own opinion. He's loved muchly on social media by other fans too. He just wants success and unfortunately this is now our 5th season back in League 1 after being relegated last time in the Championship on a record 54 points so it's hurting him too. We've had managers and players come and go, but hopefully this is it this season as he's spent with the new co-owners and just seems to be a real positive vibe around the owners.

Thinking of Sunderland AFC both now and historically, what thoughts initially spring to mind?

To be honest, there obviously has been things go on behind the scenes. You don't deserve to be a League One club. But what I don't like is the mentality of some of your fans. Thinking it will be a walk in the park this season because it won't. Look at the likes of Leeds and Sheffield United when they came back down to League One it took them a few years to adjust to life. The fan base is there as I understand there is an expected 30k on a Tuesday night is brilliant. But fans don't win games.

Do you know much about the Sunderland side? Which SAFC player(s) do you think may be the main threat(s) in this game?

Be completely honest I haven't looked much into Sunderland’s squad as I think you should be confident to win whoever plays in front of you. It will be good to see Jack Baldwin again tomorrow, and if he does have a solid game it will be pleasing, apart from if he can have 5 minutes of madness that would be appreciated.

How do you see the game going in general?

Will be both teams toughest game of the season, but with us winning all 5 away games this season and scoring 17 goals in them I can honestly see us coming away with all 3 points.

Looking forward to my first visit to the Stadium of Light which will take my ground guide visit to 83 grounds out the current 92! Up The Posh!

Score prediction?

2-0 Posh.

Prediction for where both teams will finish at the end of the season?

This may hurt Sunderland fans, but I believe Sunderland will finish outside the top 6. As I previously said it takes time to adapt to this league. For Posh? Well top of the league of course… if only! I will take play offs this season.

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