Post Gillingham

Jack Ross declared himself delighted with Sunderland's start to the season, as the lads secured their first win on the road.“There were a lot of things that needed to change, so in that sense, I suppose it was important we made a decent start. I think with the way we’ve started, we’ve maybe started to get a bit of a feel-good factor going that hasn’t been here for a while. When I started here, I came in with a vision of what I wanted I to do, but the unpredictable nature of football, coupled with everything that’s happened here over the summer, made it difficult to predict how things with go. With that in mind, I’d have to say that things have gone really, really well in that respect. It’s just a starting point for us, and you have to be relentless to enjoy success at any level. If you watch us train and play, there’s an intensity and an enjoyment about it. We’ve got a group that buy into everything we do, and like everything, results have helped that massively. I’ve stressed to the players that they have to enjoy that reception at the end of the game. It’s a two-way thing, and they have to take enjoyment from it. They have to want to give the supporters something to cheer about, but they have to want to be on the other side of that too because it’s enjoyable."

The gaffer was also quick to the praise the way the lads have adapted to his style of play but accepts they will need to tighten up at the back on occasion. "There will be times when it won’t go well, because we are expansive and we do commit men forward. That can mean you turn over possession, and there have been times, even in the home games, where we’ve done that. But the flip side of it is that you create opportunities and look a threat all the time going the other way. That’s why I can see a lot of games being like that this season. The way in which we play lends itself to that, along with the intensity of nights like tonight."

In terms of transfers, the former St Mirren boss confirmed the club's interest in Celtic youngster Ryan Christie but admits that is dependant on outgoings. "Ryan is a player that I like. He has good qualities but again it is a balance between what we need in the squad. He is a left footer and we don't have a lot of them in the squad in forward areas. He is a player that I am acutely aware of and he fits the kind of bracket in terms of he has played a lot of games for a young man. But at the moment we are where we are, and I don't envisage anything changing quickly. Might it depend on players leaving? Yes, possibly. That would obviously help us in terms of where we are with everything, not with Financial Fair Play, but in terms of where the league looks at us and the model we are trying to put forward. We have two, and although they are not here, they still have a contractual agreement with the club and could come back. So, yes, that players leaving would help.”

In other news, Lee Cattermole has been bigging up Jack Ross. "The atmosphere has been different class for me. The players and the new boys who have come in, it's been brilliant and I think that's down to the manager and the staff. They've brought in an enthusiasm and professionalism every day. They're good sessions and it's been challenging as well, but you build all that up in the pre-season and bring it into the games. It's going great, but we need to keep our feet on the ground and keep remembering what makes us a good team, and it's that work rate. You're playing in different teams, under different managers and it's been tough. But we've had good years as well, don't forget them. We've had to really get right down to the bottom really to start building again, but everything is in place now and hopefully we can build from here. I don't think it matters what league you're in at the minute, it's great to see Sunderland winning games."